Management & Administrative Careers

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Our company doesn’t only depend on the crew members out on the site. We also rely on the talents and skills of our field support staff. We recognize the importance of these individuals, so we take steps to ensure that our administrative staff receives the same esteem, benefits, support, and opportunities for growth as anyone else. If you’re looking to advance your career in HR, IT, accounting and finance, or marketing at one of the highest rated companies in employee satisfaction–let’s talk. At United Land Service, you might have just found the best job opportunity of your life.

Our landscaping services depend on the quick-thinking, problem solving, and reliable administrative and sales staff that can quickly provide solutions to our clients’ issues. As one of our trusted administrators and salespeople, you don’t just gain office experience, you become a real landscaping consultant, opening the doors for a long and engaging career. You’ll get experience offering creative and effective answers to our clients’ problems without constant supervision or micromanagement of your day-to-day activities. And the best part is that we pay you for all your worth. Consider what you could accomplish by working with us.

 We know how important your future is, ours depends on it. And we offer more than just a paycheck. Consider a career with United Land Services and watch your world expand.

You’re rising to the top. Let us help you go even higher. At United Land Services, we don’t just tell you to think about your future, we launch it. Additionally, we not only support your professional goals but also your overall well-being with a benefits package that includes affordable medical, dental, and vision coverage in addition to other things. See where the future might take you as a part of our team.