Join our team of experts who collaborate on ideas and incorporate the best practices from the land services industry and beyond.

Our main goal at United Land Services is to enable fantastic working experiences for all our employees so that they can produce great landscaping results for our clients. We aim to build an environment where all employees are supported and truly experience job satisfaction. In turn, our employees continually exceed clients’ landscaping expectations and add so much value to the company. Together, with dedication and hard work, we continue to see amazing results and growth in our services.

Now is the time to launch your career at United Land Services. We are dedicated to finding the most exceptional individuals and presenting them with demanding and satisfying opportunities and careers. At United Land Services, we have a habit of fostering employee progress at all levels and building a collaborative team atmosphere with room for advancement.

We take pride in being a professional team that is continually trying to improve our skills and expand our industry expertise. You will never be bored at United Land Services since we consistently teach, assist, and enhance our employees’ knowledge and abilities. As a result, our personnel continue to push the boundaries on progress and approach each job with incredible ingenuity and creativity.

When you join the team at United Land Services, you are becoming a partner in our achievements in the industry. We know that our employees are the secret

ingredient to our success and competitive advantage. So, we work hard to make sure you are supported and given opportunities for growth and development. You are our most valuable asset, and we will always treat you that way. This is why we consistently rank high in levels of employee satisfaction among companies around the country.

United Land Services was founded in 2001 as United Landscapes. Since then, we have continued to grow and fine tune our services and have become one of the most successful landscaping companies servicing Florida, Georgia, Alabama, and North Carolina. With over two decades of history, our company has developed a unique environment and working culture, that is continually shaped by our commitment to innovation, excellence, and client satisfaction. Today, we have over 1,400 employees that help keep our culture vibrant and flourishing.

Interested in joining our team? We’re looking for individuals who are innovative, ambitious, and diverse. Together, let’s invest in a better future.


With regular variation and changes of landscape, this career path keeps the job engaging. You’ll learn a variety of skills in a short amount of time as you continue to develop your problem-solving abilities for a myriad of clients. You will always feel proud at the end of a hard day’s work, knowing that your time has been spent honing your craft, making clients happy, and earning the praise of your colleagues and the wider community.


We are top of the line, and you can be too. Work for an organization that values creativity and ambition. You can help mold the landscape industry alongside us. We provide the flexibility and tools necessary for you to realize your ambition and create a long-term space for yourself in this industry.

Professional & Management

At United Land Services, you will benefit from the challenge of working with an industry leader while also knowing that your efforts have contributed to some of the most renowned landscapes in the nation.