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Why us? We know that there are many other landscaping opportunities. And whether or not you’ve had experience in the industry already, it’s not hard to find a landscaper looking for new employees. But at United Land Services, we are looking for more than just employees. We are looking for partners in success, who are willing to be stretched towards excellence and professional development. If that’s you, then we invite you to consider a career as a United Land Services professional.

Your impact as an employee and landscaper will be measured by more than just a paycheck. You will be on the cutting edge of the industry, always helping clients achieve their goals, while exceeding yours. While you’re at it, you’ll have the satisfaction of knowing that you’re making a lasting impression. At United Land Services, you will shape much more than landscapes; you will also shape the career of your dreams.

A company is only as strong as its employees. We truly believe this, so we provide the best education, training, and equipment to enable our employees to reach the highest levels of service and dedication to our clients. Additionally, we conduct several events all year long that foster community engagement and opportunity for growth. This results in a rewarding work environment that is highly customer-focused and employee-satisfying. Indeed, we have incredible job success and employee retention rates.

We know how important your future is, ours depends on it. And we offer more than just a paycheck. Consider a career with United Land Services and watch your world expand.

You’re rising to the top. Let us help you go even higher. At United Land Services, we don’t just tell you to think about your future, we launch it. Additionally, we not only support your professional goals but also your overall wellbeing with a benefits package that includes affordable medical, dental, and vision coverage in addition to other things. See where the future might take you as a part of our team.